News Roundup: Extremism in politics; support for Roe is steadfast; Wells Fargo remains terrible

All I’m asking is that you all accept higher taxes so that I can add a death laser to my volcano island superbase. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Back me up on this, Mitch?

Republicanism is rapidly merging with all manner of domestic extremism, and a new study paints a grim picture of just where things stand. As the Supreme Court’s new conservative wing sets its sights on unraveling federal abortion protections, support for abortion rights remains steadfast among Americans not pushed into lifetime judicial positions by Republican nihilists. Republicans continue to support lowering taxes on the wealthy while ratcheting taxes up for the non-wealthy, but Sen. Rick Scott is finding that an especially hard sell. Is it because the public is turning against such plans, after literally decades of them turning out badly? Or is Rick Scott just  an exceptionally terrible spokesman for his party’s cause?

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