ESPN insider Jeff Passan takes another Twitter victim

ESPN insider Jeff Passan takes another Twitter victim. 

Jeff Passan might have just won the internet today.

On Wednesday, Passan tweeted some additional details surrounding the arrest of New York Mets GM Zack Scott. This is literally his job. He in no way implied or said anything in regards to these facts, just stated them.

Unfortunately some people on Twitter didn’t like the added information and went after Passan for just doing his job. Welcome to Twitter.

But when David Wohl, a self-proclaimed “high profile” attorney stepped in, Passan couldn’t resist delivering an epic burn.

Jeff Passan takes on David and Jacob Wohl in one single tweet

Passan gave him a not-so-subtle jab implying that David would soon be visiting his son Jacob in jail. Jacob is part of a group being investigated for fraud and facing a massive fine.

It’s one of those moments that gives us all hope that the trolls will finally get theirs.

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