The Comeback Kid of the Year for 2021 MICE industry

2020 will probably go into the history books as one of the least favorite years of many, but the 2021 MICE industry may be the comeback kid of the year. While 2020 did start out good for Europe Congress, with its successful MCE Central & Eastern Europe in Vienna, the rest of the year has brought to everyone the understanding we shall be grateful for the days that we can live and work healthy and prosperous. We also all came to the realization that people connecting in live events is what we need to create results and satisfaction.

Digital existed already and will be there to stay, the so-called hybrid solutions cater well for the ones unable to travel; live events are impacting people and businesses in such a positive way that it is sure to start again as soon as possible. Europe Congress plays brought out its 2021 calendar in August 2020 already, and the comeback year will start in early spring in Düsseldorf, Germany.

When choosing the 2021 date with all event partners, the understanding of the possibilities to restart the event business, the dates March 28-30 were picked. It is the ideal time to pick up the pieces, get back together, meet old and new partners, set upcoming business cooperation, and to start working together towards growth.

“Düsseldorf is a fantastic destination, the capital of most populated state in Germany, the capital of fashion, media and art. It offers its own unique identity, plentiful event venues of any type to cater for any kind of event very well. At Europe Congress we’re convinced to being able to happily surprise any event planners that do not yet know this amazing destination. We feel happy and privileged to cooperate with our local partners, the Düsseldorf Tourism organization and to host the event at one of the most prestigious properties in town, InterContinental Düsseldorf,” Alain Pallas, Managing Director of Europe Congress mentioned.

Jens Ihsen, Director of Convention at Düsseldorf Convention, added: “There are so many good reasons to organize your next meeting in Düsseldorf. The compactness of the Rhine metropolis, for instance, and the excellent MICE-infrastructure that is out of all proportion to the city’s size. The congress center is sandwiched between the river Rhine and trees. Learning and exchanging ideas in the middle of nature makes Düsseldorf unique. At the same time, the North Rhine-Westphalian capital enjoys an excellent reputation as a powerful economic center.”

The boutique event that will welcome up to 60 destinations and suppliers as well as up to 80 international event planners will be able to implement any health and safety regulations valid at that time. The hotel and evening venues are all offering sufficient space for scaling, offering all participants a wonderful experience, access to new understanding, business growth, and a secure feeling.


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