Lindsay Dolashewich: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Survivor’ Finalist

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Lindsay Dolashewich is heading into the final five of season 42 of Survivor with no safety in her pocket, as her immunity idol became void at the final six tribal council. After the elimination of Drea Wheeler, Lindsay earned the immunity idol as part of an amulet advantage from earlier this season, but never used it. She was blindsided at the most recent vote, where Maryanne Oketch orchestrated the elimination of Omar Zaheer, who was one of Lindsay’s biggest allies.

As one of the biggest immunity challenge threats left in the game, Lindsay has a chance to make a run for the final three, but it certainly won’t be an easy journey! Plus, with the masterful gameplay of the last three episodes, anything can happy. Learn more about Lindsay below:

Lindsay Dolashewich
Lindsay Dolashewich on season 42 of ‘Survivor.’ (CBS)

1. What Does Lindsay Do?

Lindsay works as a Registered Dietitian in New Jersey. She started her own business and said that it was her biggest accomplishment. “I conducted my first real interview, and just hired a woman who could be my mom. I am literally now a BOSS!” she said. “I gathered an accountant, payroll team, billing company, logo person, etc. We have tripled our revenue in our second year and have been recognized nationally.”

Lindsay is a co-founder of Absolute Nutrition Counseling. “She has had a passion for nutrition counseling for as long as she can remember and she is most enthusiastic about teaching others how to love and enjoy food while meeting their goals,” her bio for the website reveals.

2. Lindsay Is An Athlete

In addition to being passionate about food and nutrition, Lindsay is also very into exercise and staying in shape physically. She previously played tackle football with the boys, even though it was quite difficult. “My teammates would literally hit me harder than everyone else because I was a girl,” she said. “I’m not going to lie, it hurt a lot, but that wasn’t going to stop me from hitting harder back.”

3. Lindsay Is A Huge Fan Of ‘The Office’

Lindsay loves The Office so much that she has a reference to it in her Instagram Bio, which reads “Dinkin Flicka” (“that’s life”). In an interview with Parade, Lindsay also said that she is “such a dork” about the show. “Being able to have Michael Scott with me would just be awesome,” she said. “I feel like he’d be my best friend.”

4. Lindsay Is A Dog Mom

Lindsay has a dog named Reggie, who she often posts about on her Instagram page. Lindsay adopted Reggie amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. “When COVID first hit, I heard shelters were struggling during the lockdown,” she revealed on Instagram. “I asked to foster to help out and said give me the largest, oldest or most unlikely dog to be adopted. Reggie was the most temperamented boy, but just a little skittish.”

5. Lindsay Loves High Intensity Activities

Lindsay says she’s a fan of activities and hobbies like snowboarding, paintballing, skydiving and wake surfing. She’s definitely an adrenaline junkie!

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