Joe Girardi’s mistake and 2 more takeaways from Braves win over Phillies

The Braves spoiled a Bryce Harper home run with a walkoff of their own. Here’s everything you missed from Atlanta’s win over the Phillies.

With the victory, the Braves moved to within eight games of the New York Mets, who suffered their own heartbreaking loss at the hands of the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday night.

The Phillies, meanwhile, just can’t seem to get moving in the right direction. With Joe Girardi on the hot seat, Dave Dombrowski and Phillies management need to start seeing results, and that hasn’t exactly gone as planned.

Tuesday night’s result won’t help, as Girardi’s bullpen management has been a hot topic of conversation. He just can’t seem to get it right.

Meanwhile, can the Braves, who are 5-5 in their last 10 games, finally get hot?

Phillies: Bryce Harper’s 2-run homer a sign of things to come?

Harper’s injury limits him from playing the field, but he can still take rips in the box. On Tuesday, Harper saved his best for last, hitting what could’ve been a game-winning two-run blast into the seats.

With just two outs to spare, Harper took Kenley Jansen into the seats in right field, and there was no doubt about it.

Before the season, there was some question as to whether Philadelphia could slug their way to the postseason. Evidently, they will need some pitching help at some point.

Phillies: It’s time to question Joe Girardi, again

Girardi is up against the railing with very little margin for error. On Tuesday night, he made another mistake.

In the ninth inning, the skipper went to Nick Nelson, who had no closing experience prior to his outing against the Braves. It’s safe to say we won’t see him in that situation again.

As Stark notes, this wasn’t technically a save situation, but it’s questionable to say the least.

Phillies hand Braves a win on a platter

Ronald Acuña’s game-tying fly ball wasn’t a hit at all. If anything, it should’ve been a sacrifice fly, but some shoddy defense in a makeshift outfield due to Harper’s injury cost the Phillies.

What the hell was that?

Neither outfielder called ball, so it landed in the outfield grass, allowing Dansby Swanson to score easily.

William Contreras would drive the winning run home later in the inning with his parents in attendance.

You just have to be romantic about baseball, unless you’re a Philadelphia sports fan.

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